Talk on the Baha’i Faith and the Arts

Hi all. Been a minute since I’ve been around these parts. Hope everyone is doing well. It’s been a very challenging few months but I am now experiencing incremental victories by the day, so things are good. Here is video of my first public talk, The Baha’i Faith and the Arts at the Houston Baha’i Center back in August.

In the talk we explore some philosophical underpinnings regarding how art is defined and how its purpose is perceived. We also delve into some perspectives on the arts from assorted historical figures such as Beethoven, Shakespeare and Van Gogh. The talk wraps up with an analysis of what the Central Figures and Institutions of the Baha’i Faith have to say about the arts and how these conceptions intersect with and are possibly influenced by some of the philosophical foundations presented at the beginning. Enjoy!

Innocence has returned briefly…


Innocence has returned briefly
To gather his loose ends
And then off to the next

Perhaps whereupon his subsequent return
He may find that the borders
Have been compressed and smoothed out,
But still glistening under scarcely-palpable
Zephyrs and perpetually unraveling
Seams of disconnected light.

That will be the day when
The rivers drown themselves in forgetfulness
While the poppy fields look on
In amusement, shame,
Or a mixture of both.

Art: “Edge of a Wheatfield with Poppies”
Vincent van Gogh