Public Poetry Reading!

My first “official” public poetry reading at Unity Church of Houston Thursday, March 22nd 2018. Part of Assemble for Action, a series of motivational gatherings with candid discussions, personal reflections, musical incantations and poetic recitations all leading up to the monumental March for our Lives demonstration this coming Saturday, March 24th, in downtown Houston. I briefly discuss my perspective on gun violence as a military veteran and mental health advocate, followed by three poems on the respective themes of war/violence/destruction, grief and loss, and redemption through a commitment to lasting peace. Enjoy.

Beneath her saccharine platitudes…

Beneath her saccharine platitudes...

Beneath her saccharine platitudes he caught a brief,
yet disturbing glimmer of her pain.
The passion and sincerity in her eyes
dissembled a flame of hurt
that always sought to be extinguished,
but managed to persist all these years
partly through his inability
or unwillingness to see it
and partly through her mistaken willingness
to remain convinced
that the flame was precisely
what she needed to survive.

Art: “Jacqueline with Flowers”
Pablo Picasso