My mind became increasingly disengaged…


My mind became increasingly disengaged with preoccupation about my impending fate as he drawled on with affected sincerity about the merits of our friendship and his hollow promises of moral support during the trial. My reality: a justice system is only as good as the most flawed and imperfect people who participate in it; from the outset it seems, what we ideally apotheosize as a well-oiled machine capable of moral equity is often in reality just a scabrous, unpredictable, illogical phantom of civility.

Art: “I bevitori di assenzio”
Edvard Munch

Arbitrary and Tenuous…


The arbitrary and tenuous theoretical matrix within which Dr. Bledsoe proposes his radical interpretation of the continuum hypothesis could only be justified by a kind of disingenuous process of ratiocination that conveniently disregards even the most fundamental axiomatic models common to nearly every widely-accepted program in set theory to date.

Art: “The Scream”
Edvard Munch