I Knew You Were There…


I knew you were there.
I dreamt it
One night
By the fireside
Of your bounteous imagination.

Your hands
Only told me so much
When wrapped tightly
Around your shell of inconstancy.

When it breaks
I will be there to recover the pieces
And I will peer into them
And follow every ridge to the end of space.

I knew you were not
Before they noticed.
Your song was hastened
And in vast disarray.

You never finished
But I was there to applaud you
And walk you to the pond
Where you vowed to
Cast your restless ghosts.

Your scarlet armure coat
Lies here on your bed
Still dusty from the last excursion
And missing a button.

I wrap myself in it sometimes
And pretend it’s my shell.
You incubate me,
And I am blind to all except
Your whimsical patterns
And the acrid, smoke-twilled
Scent that follows them.

I knew you were with me
When my body became still
And faced consecration
To the dusty ages
Where Time refused to go.

We reflected on the rise of
An abandoned moon
Coruscating with desire in all directions;
It would be our new home,
The place where you would

Come to rest
After journey’s end,
And before I awaken you,
I will consolidate your thoughts
Into elongated spheres
Of approximate histories
And gauzy projections
Of future tidings,

As we dance arm in arm
To the beginning of certainty,
Where I will have been
Already awaiting your return,
Coat in hand.

Art: “Woman with Black Hat”
Egon Schiele

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