Heeding the veiled call…

1240342_557730997614752_2042269807_nHeeding the veiled call of the sea
Whereupon elements of
Intermittent truths abound,
We pushed with the borrowed fortitude
Of hallowed and transient awareness,
Segmented by traces of a moon’s swift touch.

We hunted the winds and quartered them,
Dutifully placing them at the edges of
Our darkened peripheries,
Marking an approximate end
To every course we
Had ever hoped to surmount.

With irregular bursts of passion
We ignited flares to
Illuminate the history of
Many a journey lost,
Only to dissipate back into
Hazy embarkations,
Blurred shorelines
And muffled soundings.

Art: “A Seascape, Shipping by Moonlight”
Claude Monet

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