Light: An Elegy

Light: An Elegy

A light shimmers in the fore,
Joined by the hand
Of song and rhythm
And lambent dances
Along a moonlit creek in repose.

What does it see
Beyond this specter
Of jaded spirits
And world-weary migrations
To parts hitherto untold
That beckons its uncompromising smile?

From whence does its melody arise
That it traverses so calmly
Through dimensions and landscapes
Hitherto unseen?

When will a world
Left in silent agony
Learn its dance
And free itself from
These windless vales
Of stagnant tears?

A light begins to fade in the offing,
Just beyond the directionless bend.
As she retracts her hand
To commence one more excursion

She speaks,

Gently reminding the creek
That upon her return,
A new song will be sung,
And a new rhythm mapped out
For posterity.

And the shiftless vale will blossom
With a chorus of sparrows
And flora bedecked with purple amaranths
Heralding a new day,
In which smiles are freely-given
And hearts are open
For the weary traveler
To stop and rest awhile,
Before the next journey.

Art: “Sunset at Lavacourt”
Claude Monet

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