How might I sound the depths…

How might I sound the depths...

How might I sound the depths
Of this unbridled verdure

That bursts forth unforeseen
From the silken grass
Along the edges of your watered eyes
Glimmering helplessly
Across a thousand lost Springs?

How might your light be multiplied
Among darkened ranges

Lush with uncertain hands
That glide conspicuously
Along the base of my neck,

Coming to rest upon my lips,
Where your name seeps in gently
Through drip after anonymous drip,
As I begin to recall
The path your melody took that one night
We planted emerald seeds
In the dust of our leftover dreams?

How might the intoxicating musk of feral roses
Enjoin me to dance

With the legerity of softened bones
Sweetened and subdued
By the candied spice
Abducted from your fulgurant whispers?

How might I digest our song
One last time

Until my heart overflows
With the rhythm
Of nocturnal Arabian masquerades,
And Eden uncloaks
And her naked silhouette
Beckons me to rest?

Art: “Roses”
Vincent van Gogh

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